Glimpse List is a silverlight application I was in charge of developing at Beaumont that can be hosted on a SharePoint site to provide a quick “glimpse” of SharePoint lists. I wrote the entire application in less than sixth months without any additional developmental resources other than feedback on usability.

Icons and custom calculations make Glimpse List capable of translating the data in a SharePoint list into information relevant to the user in a quick and efficient way.

Note: The site example contains only random information and does not contain information about real individuals or organizations. The format was configured to closely resemble the environment it was used for. This format is configured per implementation by config.xml. This example interfaces with MySQL, instead of SharePoint REST.

Site Example
Silverlight C#
10,000 Lines
.NET, WPF, XAML, Recursive Descent Parser, Cache System
Sample Code: ConditionInstance.cs

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The application uses a markup style configuration file to define elements and formulas used in each list. Users can quickly update the list viewer to their needs by making changes to the configuration without intervention from a developer.

This is the user manual with information about installing, configuring, and using the application.