Missile X is an aerial racing game I developed using 3D GameStudio with the Acknex engine. This fast paced game requires the player to navigate the tight spaces inside tunnels without hitting an obstacle. Velocity increases gradually as no obstacles are hit, and the player must increase velocity to escape the wall of destruction following them. It differs from other tunnel racing games since there are multiple tunnels and it is possible to fly outside. This is largely due to the adaptive controls that change sensitivity depending on being inside/outside. This was a personal project done in my free time.

All assets are original (music, textures, 3D models) and were created solely by me.

Download MissileX.zip
Acknex 7 Lite-C
1,000 Lines
DX9, HLSL Motion Blur, Procedural Levels, C Movement/Collision Code
Sample Code: Level-13.c

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Download Video: 'MissileX1.mp4'

Running in DirectX, it incorporates an HLSL shader to apply a depth based screen space motion blur. The motion blur greatly reduces motion sickness and smooths out aliasing. The motion blur shader makes little impact on performance since only the depth buffer is needed to apply the blur. A radial blur is used with sample distances scaled by the z value and camera's forward velocity, with horizontal and vertical shifts based on the camera's x and y lateral velocities. This optimization is sufficient because the camera only points forward and other objects remain stationary along the z-axis.

The game can be downloaded from the link above, and runs on Windows. This build remains a prototype for gameplay of possible future titles.